From Customer-Supplied Files
If you already have your logo in a digital format, you're halfway there. Converting it to an animated gif or Shockwave (Flash) file is a matter of creating the components from the design, determining the overall size and presentation of your animation (i.e., speed rate, looping, interactive, etc.). Accepted file types: .psd (Photoshop), .ai (Illustrator), .jpg, .bmp, .eps.
   Cost: $275.00

From Customer-Supplied Artwork
If you have a logo design in a scannable form whether color or black-and-white (i.e., letterhead, business card), we can convert it to the appropriate format and animate it. Just tell us what you'd like to see and we'll set it in motion!
   Cost: $375.00

From Scratch (includes custom designed logo)
If you do not currently have a logo or icon design and are interested in having one custom designed by us, that can be arranged. Once designed we can include an animated version of it as per your specifications. This includes all aspects and conditions of our regular Logo Design service.
   Cost: $650.00

Note: All pricing may be subject to additional cost (by estimation) depending on request.

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Dickson Creative Services is now offering the option of animating your business logo, icon, or graphics, making them suitable for web use or as part of a stand-alone presentation.

There are 3 options with this service, depending on your needs